Yoga is not just a great exercise for your body, it is a philosophical approach to life of which the poses, that we tend to think of as yoga, are simply one part. They are an important part, the way to prepare your mind and body for meditation, and this is the place from which I approach yoga. I combine it with a mindfulness approach to keep you centered on your own experience during the class.

My Hatha yoga classes take a slower approach, closer in style to Yin than to Vinyasa. I focus strongly on proper body alignment, building each pose from the ground up to ensure that you are in the best alignment for your body.  I keep it slow and strong to allow you to sink into each position and get to know how it feels for your body to be in the pose in proper alignment. I talk you through the class in a way that creates a meditative and mindful space, so you come out feeling revitalized and more deeply aware of your own body and experiences.

If you are interested in deepening your understanding of the yoga asanas and your own body in a slow yet intense yoga class, then come check out my class.

I am not currently teaching any yoga classes, but please stay tuned to this section for more.