In this space I want to recognize, share and honour teachers that have guided me, taught me, and inspired me. Some are teachers I’ve worked with directly, some are friends, and some have inspired and taught me indirectly through books and online talks. I thank them all for what they have brought to my life and my search for meaning.

My teachers:

Khandro-la – Dakini’s Whisper – Vajrayana Tantric Buddhist practices

Sally Kempton – Tantric Yoga Meditation practices

Transformation Meditation – Mantra Meditation Teacher Training

Rose Tol – Secret Garden Meditation – Meditation Teacher Training

Cameron Gilley – Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Sarah Cutfield – Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Gloria Latham – Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Sara Gebriel – teacher at CSNN who taught me so much more than nutrition

Regina Kaiser – Veracis – Meditation Teacher

Amy at the Blending Bar – a dear friend and inspiration who has taught me so many things

Jude Shanley – Reiki and Meditation Teacher

Authors, Speakers, and Teachers who have Inspired me:

I want to add a quick note about a YouTube channel that I think everyone could benefit from:

Therapy in a Nutshell by Emma McAdam

She gives digestible bites of information around anxiety, negative self talk, depression, and more. She suggests simple ways to help yourself out of the holes we can find ourselves in. If you are struggling (and even if you’re not) and can not do therapy for whatever reason, this is a fantastic resource and I encourage everyone to check her out.