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My ultimate goal in teaching meditation and yoga is to support you in creating your own daily practice, which I believe is instrumental in finding inner healing.

Please find below resources both from me (ie. that I have created) as well as those that have helped me immensely in my 20+ year journey inwards and outwards into healing.


A sample of my meditation style, for you to listen to, download, and use as a basis for your daily practice.


Healing For Me’s YouTube channel with meditations and more!

My Teachers

A list of teachers I have learned from directly and whose teachings I greatly value.

Also included are those from whom I have learned indirectly, through books, talks, etc, that I think are very helpful.

Insight Timer

This is probably my favourite app for meditation, it is free, it has amazing resources and teachers from all types of meditation. A wonderful place to help create a regular meditation practice.


I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to experience Amanda’s guided meditation groups in person and online for over two years and taken one of her mediation courses. She is an amazing meditation guide who has helped me through some difficult times in my life when I was going through some emotional healing. Her words and the pace of your guidance is perfect for me! I highly recommend her to anyone!!

— Michele S.

Amanda is knowledgeable, easy to talk to and kind – it was such a joy to participate in the Heart Opening Meditation Course! Each meditation was beautifully put together and I enjoyed them very much. Thank you!