Meditation is a way to find your inner peace and calm, no matter the storm that might be raging around you.  It is a practical set of skills you learn over time and with repetition, which bring you to deeper states of being; you can start to train your mind to shed its need to be busy, to always be thinking.  When you move past the monkey mind state, you start to access your deeper inner states, and eventually you start to experience true calm, true peace. That is when the magic happens.
There are many types of meditation and I believe that all have their benefits.  I teach meditation from the background of many different practices, combining them to create something more holistic and fitting for today’s practitioner.  We have so many different situations coming at us nowadays, we need many different skill sets to deal with what we face, and I believe the same is true with meditation and going within.

Please note that since we are currently quarantined for the Covid19 pandemic, I will not be doing any in-person sessions.  However you can find guided meditations to follow on my Resources page.
When the quarantine is over, I hope to be returning to the classes listed below

Weekly Guided Meditation:
If you would like to try a meditation session with me, I guide three weekly meditations, in Ruzafa:

  • Tuesday mornings at 10:30am,
  • Wednesday nights at 8pm, and
  • Saturday afternoons at 2:30pm

All are welcome, my meditations are appropriate for every level of meditation, with each week being a different style of meditation from different backgrounds.

Coming soon:
I am in the midst of creating two new and exciting courses:

  1. A 4 week Introduction to Meditation program, good for beginners and regular practitioners who would like to create a basic routine or ritual for their practice, which can be key to continuing to practice during difficult times.
  2. A 7 week chakra meditation program, to learn more about the chakras both intellectually through information sharing, and experientially through meditation

If you are interested in my classes, or would like to know more about meditation, please contact me through my website form.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or through Meetup