I offer a holistic Swedish Relaxation Massage with elements of Deep Tissue, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure and Shiatsu as needed.  The goal is to release tense muscles and stress through total relaxation of the body, both physical and energetic.

I believe that if a massage is too forceful or painful, you may force a particular muscle you are working on to “relax”, but the rest of the body tends to tense up in response and in the long run no real gain is achieved.  I use a variety of techniques as well as breathwork to help you to relax into the massage and any places that are painful or full of tension.  My style is to work deeply but gently on the body to ensure that all the muscles and fascia of the body are letting go in a way that is sustainable.  The more you are able to relax, the more your body can actually heal and receive longer lasting benefits.

Please note I have returned to limited sessions, please contact me for dates and times

Session Types and Price List


  • 1/2 hour  –  25
    • Back & Feet, or
    • Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms & Hands
  • 1 hour  – 40
    • Full body
  • 1 & 1/2 hours  – 55
    • Full body & added on Stomach Shiatsu or
    • Full body & added on Foot and/or Hand Reflexology

* I generally used sweet almond oil for massage.  If you have a nut allergy  please let me know in advance.

An energetic healing technique that involves both hands-off and hands-on portions.  It is not active like massage and does not involve any oils.  You do not need to disrobe for Reiki and generally are laying face up on the table.

People can have a range of experiences from a Reiki session, from emotions bubbling up, to feeling heat or tingling, to nothing at all.  Sometimes a Reiki session can have a delayed effect and hours or days later you will feel something profound. Reiki is a great alternative to a massage for those who want to relax and release some energetic tension but do not want a full on massage.

  • 1/2 hour – 25
  • 1 hour – 40


Reflexology is a style of hands-on body work that focuses on pressure points, which have an effect not just on the area of pressure but on related areas all over the body.  A reflexology session can have a strong healing and detoxing effect. There is little to no oil involved and you do not need to disrobe for a session.

  • 1/2 hour – 30 – Feet or Head & Hands

Integrated Healing Session

The integrated healing session is a culmination of what I have learned over the years in all my various healing modalities. It combines all my tools and each session is unique to the needs of the person on the massage table. I use reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu, reiki, massage, aromatherapy, guided visualisations and more to create a session meant just for you and your healing.

When booking this session plan for at least 75 minutes, as it has a longer intake where we discuss more deeply what is going on for you, and also take a little extra time to create a unique aromatherapy blend just for you, all part of what makes this treatment truly unique.

  • Integrated Healing Session  – € 55


  • Add a personalized aromatherapy blend to your massage – 15
  • 3 x 1 hour Reiki or Massage session – 95
  • 5 x 1 hour Reiki or Massage sessions – 155
  • 3 x 1/2 hour Reflexology session – € 75
  • 5 x 1/2 hour Reflexology session – € 115

I take payment by cash at the time of your appointment.

If you would like to pay in advance with a credit card or PayPal account, you can pay here:  PayPal.Me/healingforme
Or you can contact me for a PayPal invoice: by email

Late & Cancellation policy