Dancing on the Edge

Hello! My name is Amanda Kellett, and I thank you for checking out my website.
A little bit about me: I am an enthusiastic traveler, reader, cook, guitar player, and most importantly, holistic practitioner.  I have been passionate about working in the alternative/holistic field ever since I first learned how to meditate.  Since then I have studied as much as I could in as many areas as possible, including formal trainings such as:

I first began meditating in 1998, and as my practice has transformed and deepened over the years, I have come to realize that a solid meditation practice is key to wellness within the body, mind and spirit.  I believe in an approach to wellness that incorporates all of the modalities that I practice, as well as others. I believe in using all the tools available to us to become truly engaged in our own health and balance.  Illness comes from emotional, physical and energetic imbalances and healing occurs when we can find our way back to that place of peace within.  I offer you services that will help you to find that place of inner peace where you can get back to your healthy balance and flow, through massage, Reiki, meditation, yoga and nutrition.